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Valentines Day In July Free Wine Tasting

Free Wine Tasting Tonight 5-7pm
Paired with "Letters to Juliet"
Many romantics believe that posting letters on Juliet's wall in Verona will make their love everlasting.
The sentimental tradition has long encouraged lovelorn tourists to flock to the city celebrated by Shakespeare in the famous tragedy.
The custom of leaving amorous letters, many of them addressed to the fictional Juliet, was celebrated in a recent film, 'Letters to Juliet’, starring Vanessa Redgrave and the American actress Amanda Seyfried.

This unique spot in the city of Verona, has inspired Passimento to make an elegant and velvety red wine in the style of one of the most iconic techniques of the region, the Appassimento.

The label depicts the Romeo and Juliet wall in Verona where 3,000 messages of love are left every day by visitors from all over the world.

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