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Stranger Thingsgiving Marathon

Join Casa Film Bar on Thanksgiving Night for a Stranger Things Season 1 Marathon: There are homages, and there are homages so committed that they become practically indistinguishable from the original works. File “Stranger Things” in the second category. This drama debuted earlier this year but remains one of the most discussed shows online, winning raves for its creepy throwback tale, set in 1983, about missing children and extraordinary goings-on in an outwardly average small town. The setting and themes will be immediately familiar to anyone once besotted with that decade’s master pop storytellers, Steven Spielberg and Stephen King — a cohort that clearly includes the series creators, the twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer.

Indeed, “Stranger Things” doesn’t wear its influences on its sleeve so much as knit an entire suit of them. With its note-perfect early ’80s vibe and resourceful young bike-riding heroes, who bond with an otherworldly visitor and confront monsters and government agents, the show is upfront about influences that include Mr. Spielberg’s “E.T.” and Mr. King’s “It.” Even the title font (ITC Benguiat, for the record) recalls covers of classic King novels.

Fortunately the show, tracking a pack of outcast pals and broken-but-trying families, also channels the heart that made its source material so beloved. The macabre, horror sci-fi narrative also infuses enough originality to make the eight-episode series more than an exercise in filmmaking karaoke.

A quick recap (with minor SPOILERS): As a group of nerdy misfits played Dungeons & Dragons in a basement in the fictional Hawkins, Ind., something went wrong at the government facility outside town. The net result: 1) an enigmatic, buzz-cutted little girl showed up without explanation, 2) an extra-dimensional beast was unleashed to stalk the countryside, and 3) one of the nerds disappeared.
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