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Winter Solstice Party & The Curry Pot Food Truck


It's the winter solstice, the shortest sunlit day of the year and we're celebrating this astronomical phenomenon by playing all moon-themed and outer space movies tonight! Plus The Curry Pot food truck will be here 6-9pm!
At 6pm, check out the highly heralded A Trip to the Moon (1906). The core elements of all modern science fiction films, exploration of the unknown, futuristic technologies, new life forms, social commentary, and state of the art special effects were all brought to life for the first time in A Trip to the Moon. It is the foundational work of art that made all future science fiction films possible. The story might sound simple now, but audiences back then loved it. The film was in high demand. So much so that negatives were stolen and pirated across the world. Nearly all of the copies shown in America were illegally duplicated by Thomas Edison and removed any mention of Méliès. Rival studios made similar films about trips to the Sun and Jupiter. Then there's “An Excursion to the Moon” which is a complete plagiarism of Méliès's work. Sadly, Méliès never saw any of the profits from the illegal duplicates of his film.
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