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Rosa Parks Day

From our Drama section, check out The Rosa Parks Story:
This biopic tells the story of civil rights activist Rosa Parks (Angela Bassett) from her days as a private-school student to her public battle against racism and segregation. As a secretary for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Parks defends local children who have been victimized by racism. But when she is arrested after refusing to give up her bus seat for a white passenger, Parks inspires the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott.

You may have gotten the impression that Parks was a random woman who one day decided not to comply with an unjust law. This couldn’t be more wrong.

Prior to that famous day, Parks was a seasoned activist and committed to civil rights work. The person King called a “fine, Christian woman” was a card carrying member of the local NAACP, and its secretary. She attended planning meetings for the civil rights organization and helped organize voter registration drives.

Rosa Parks was the result of ancestors, and her ancestors the work of still more ancestors. She was the product of the communal frustration that had been churning in black southerners since the end of Reconstruction; of slaves and apprehensive freepersons who had spent their lifetime fighting and dying for the great cause of human equity for black lives and, by extension, all lives. Many of their names are lost to time..

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