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Mother's Day Tribute & Postcards From the Edge

Wine & Champagne specials abound on this Mother's Day. Plus, we'll be watching the very best that these two lovely women ever graced the screen in- ALL DAY (Postcards From the Edge @7pm) 
Casa loves you ladies, with all of our hearts; R.I.P.

*****At 7pm, we're honoring two beloved screen gems with the movie/book written by Carrie Fisher about her relationship with her own mother.
-from "It’s hard growing up with a really dynamic mother, especially one that a lot of people admire.
Every conversation about Carrie Fisher starts with Postcards From the Edge. The 1990 film, adapted by Fisher from her own novel, is hilarious and absurd, and it wrestles with something I’ve spent my whole life feeling uncomfortable about: the phenomenon of totally adoring your mother, but occasionally feeling sucked into her massive orbit. The film follows Suzanne Vale (Meryl Streep), a once-promising actress whose career has been derailed by drug addiction. After an overdose and a stint in rehab, her agent asks her to live with a trusted caretaker. Someone, somehow, decides that caretaker should be Suzanne’s mother.

The mother, Doris Mann (Shirley MacLaine), is a total star. The scene has the echoes of a classic screwball comedy: When she shows up to the rehab clinic to visit her daughter, it’s like she’s making an promo appearance. She arrives late, in a fluffy mink coat and pearls. Though it takes MacLaine 15 minutes to come onscreen, the film makes it clear early on that Suzanne’s snorting and smoking was to get over her mother’s influence. 

In every scene, the pair butt heads as only people who love each other but drive one another crazy can do. Suzanne’s first night home from rehab is tampered by a welcome-home bacchanalia; she sits on the sidelines as her mom sings “I’m Still Here.” When she tells her mother about the embarrassment of taking a drug test for her new movie, the conversation is turned upside down by Doris’s anxiety over a routine doctor checkup. “How did we end up talking about your death from my drug test?” Suzanne mutters under her breath. Even when there’s not an audience around, Doris is always performing: She came up in the studio system, and doesn’t know how to temper her personality to give another person some room."

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