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Photo Exhibit

Join us as we salute yet another local Tucson artist Dan Heacock Photography! Also check out his fave films: The Goonies, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and True Grit (2010).
I live in Tucson, Arizona and have been passionate about photography for over 10 years. After growing up in flat Kentucky, I found the mountains, desert, and wild places in this part of the world to be exhilarating and moved to Tucson in 2008. My passion for photography continues to grow and it is a motivating factor in exploring areas not just in the southwest, but throughout the world. While I am not a photographer by profession, it is my true passion and motivation.
I enjoy exploring wild places that often require long hikes or backpacking and that are far from civilization. Photographing these locations often involves much hard work, but at the same time it is relaxing and brings sanity back to the world. I am an engineer by trade but my heart lies in capturing unforgettable moments and hopefully evoke that same emotion I felt at the moment it was captured.
My photography has since been published in Rock & Ice magazine and in the book Mountain by Sandy Hill. I will continue to further my photographic skills and pursue the perfect light for the rest of my life.