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Hitchcock Night + Foodtruck

It's Hitchcock's birthday weekend, and we're celebrating by having wine and champagne specials all night! PLUS showing some of his Best movies tonight. Check out The Birds, Psycho, Vertigo, and Rear Window. Hitchcock's movies starting at 5pm. But at 3pm, check out the docu-drama starring Anthony Hopkins titled Hitchcock.

Food Truck from 5-8 p.m.

Nations Creations OUR STORY:

We know how to make healthy food taste good. We also know that we’re working to serve more than food — we’re serving the Tucson community.

Nations Creations is a part of Amity Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides rehabilitation and support to those impacted by addiction, trauma, incarceration, racism, violence, and homelessness. Circle Tree Ranch, Amity’s East Tucson campus, houses dozens of people and offers them rehabilitation through a school-like setting. Students take classes and learn by participating in hands-on work like gardening and cooking; together they work to create a community that fosters support and restoration.

Six years ago, Pamela Jay and Naya Arbiter, who have both been working with Amity Foundation for more than 20 years, overhauled the food at Circle Tree Ranch. Their goal? To use food as a healing mechanism. Chips, candy, and fast food were banned from campus. Soda machines were replaced with juicers. Meals became centered on plants while meats and processed food made their way off the menu. Students lost weight, began choosing better food to feed their children, and had more success with their recovery.

Having experienced positive change from healthy food, we devised a way to bring our community to the rest of Tucson—a food truck. None of us had ever ran a food truck before, but we were confident that our passion and desire to publicize the benefits of healthy food would be enough to make it a success.

Deciding what kind of food to serve was easy. Seventy percent of our students are indigenous peoples. We quickly decided to serve healthy Native American cuisine and finessed our slogan: Indigenous Deliciousness.