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Belgium Meets Jane's Rolling Wok!


Join us for a special line up of some delicious Belgian and Belgian-inspired beers! Lineup TBA. Plus, enjoy Jane's Rolling Wok !

And what goes better with Belgian Beer and Jane's Rolling Wok?  A night of Godzilla movies!

Godzilla vs Mothra (1961), followed by Godzilla (2014), plus a delicious food truck Jane's Rolling Wok , plus a great craft beer and soda selection. Godzilla Vs Mothra: Fiercely political (an unscrupulous developer unearths Godzilla and spends the rest of the movie trying to recoup his investment) and full of dreamy, eerie imagery (like early images of Mothra’s egg floating in the ocean and the creature as a larva-like slug), the fourth Godzilla film almost tops the original, and is, at the very least, the best Godzilla movie to feature another monster. Gently surreal and featuring one of the great monster vs. monster throw-downs in the history of the franchise, “Mothra vs. Godzilla” is an actual classic Godzilla movie, instead of a “classic” Godzilla movie. 
(Interesting side note: like many of the creatures Godzilla battled, Mothra as a character was introduced in her own stand-alone film. “Mothra,” released in 1961, was hugely popular and the character would have her own trilogy of films in the 1990’s.) Mothra, of course, is something of a good guy (a role Godzilla would fill down the line), and has a pair of twin fairies that sing the creature’s catchy theme song and dispense with cumbersome exposition (who wants to visit Mothra Island?)

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