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Steve McQueen's Bullitt Birthday Party


In honor of The King of Cool, Steve McQueen's birthday, we're playing Bullitt and slinging hot dogs in the parking lot. We'll have Sierra Nevada's Hop Bullet Double IPA available. You Sly Dog will be here at 5pm, and check out the movie at 7pm. At some point during the movie, you realize you’re hooked and along for the ride. But what a ride it is and what rides are featured in the film! Bullitt pushes his ‘68 Mustang fastback in fast pursuit of the villains’ ‘68 Dodge Charger. McQueen doesn’t even have to say anything, just maintain a placid expression while literally flying around those twisty, hilly San Francisco streets at over 100 miles-per-hour. Why talk anyway when you have a rip-roaring car to speak for you? Yates, the director, takes a minimalist approach overall and particularly for the famous chase scene. Once the two vehicles kick it into high gear, the music fades out completely and all you hear is those growling, throaty V8 engines.