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Friday the 13th Amazing Stories Marathon


This Friday the 13th, prepare for the unexpected with Spielberg’s Amazing Stories. This anthology series features unreal fantasy and horror stories a la "The Twilight Zone." Each short story was all-inclusive and many featured famous actors. Steven Spielberg served as executive producer of the show, which aired for two seasons in 1985. 

Scorsese made his small screen debut with the program’s 19th episode, “Mirror Mirror,” which originally aired March 9, 1986. In the half hour episode, written by Joseph Minion, a much younger Sam Waterston plays Jordan Manmouth, a slightly acerbic yet incredibly successful horror novelist who becomes tormented by a mysterious black-robed figure only he can see that inhabits mirrors. Helen Shaver (of the “Poltergeist: The Legacy” TV show), Dick Cavett, and Tim Robbins (as the mysterious figure) all appear in the episode. 

Nations Creations will be our food truck at 5pm this evening.

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