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Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie Plus Nations Creations Food Truck


Dinner and a movie night at the Film Bar! Check out the original 2001 version of Tomb Raider, starring the legendary Angelina Jolie. Nations Creations food truck will be in our parking lot. 
The director for the original Tomb Raider fought for casting Angelina as ‘wicked’ Lara Croft over ‘safer’ actresses. 
Around the time Tomb Raider was released, relatively untested actors like Paul Walker and Vin Diesel were tasked with leading studio actioners like The Fast and the Furious (2001) and xXx (2002), but the fact remains that Jolie had an Academy Award for her supporting turn in Girl, Interrupted (plus three Golden Globes) by the first call of action on Tomb Raider, and had built up a reputation as a credible actress. That, per director Simon West, still didn’t matter when the studio was looking to drop a reported $115 million on making the first Tomb Raider movie.

“Nobody had any issue with her acting chops; her likability to mainstream audiences was what the studio questioned. The film she won the Oscar for had a minuscule budget as opposed to what they were being asked to spend on this, so the stakes were on the rise. As in any business, they wanted as many safeties and guarantees as possible, and [they felt more secure] with someone else,”. Ultimately, casting Jolie allowed him to show the studio that the character would become much stronger in her assured hands, he says. Thus, he began molding Croft and the film’s script to suit Jolie’s strengths, and an edgier Croft that spoke more to West’s vision was born.

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