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Kung Fu Night


The Monkey style of kung fu is about as different a martial arts system as you'll find in this world. After all, we're talking about a type of martial arts that emulates the movement of monkeys and apes. Think about how they move, and then imagine copying it. Regardless, it is, in fact, a real self-defense system that many have lauded for being both unique and effective.
This night, we'll be checking out such films as The Monkey King 3 and Journey To The West.
The Monkey King and his traveling companions must find a way to escape from the clutches of a queen who rules an all-female kingdom. They soon land in even deeper trouble when their shenanigans anger the mighty River God.
Ever see the movie Bloodsport, starring Jeane Claude Van Damme? The film basically depicts the Kumite, a Chinese martial arts competition where practitioners of various styles take part in a single elimination tournament that can get quite gruesome at times.

In this film, one of the practitioners does strange rolls, keeps his arms at odd angles, and generally fights like a primate.

Clearly, this fighter was utilizing monkey style.

Though there are different types of Monkey Style Kung Fu, their teachings generally encompass looking strangely confused and disoriented before making vicious attacks to vital areas. There is also a lot of rolling and strange, monkey-like movements.

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