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Stallone's Over the Top Birthday Bash


The Italian Stallion turns 72! In honor of Sylvester Stallone's birthday, Casa Film Bar presents OVER THE TOP, perhaps the most appropriately named film of all time! 

Look, we’re going to be honest here: this movie is a mess. The filmmakers couldn’t decide whether Stallone’s character was named “Hawk” or “Hawkes”, there is zero explanation for why he is estranged from his wife, and, in spite of the announcer saying REPEATEDLY that it is a double elimination tournament, the final opponent only loses once. But what are you really expecting from an 80’s movie about a truck-driving, competitive arm wrestler? A touching, family-friendly, father/son story? It’s got that, too. Sure, the movie has problems, but it is still a really fun ride…in a truck…with arm wrestling. 

And YOU *SLY* DOG joins us at 5pm, slangin' up all your favorite dogs!