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Spaceballs w/ Takoyaki Balls


Spaceballs really needs no introduction. It's one of Mel Brooks' finest films, and stands the test of time. It's funny, it's clever, and just an overall enjoyable movie to watch. If you haven't seen this hilarious flick, you should do yourself a favor and come on by.

Takoyaki Balls, on the other hand, may be a new concept to you. This food truck was opened in December 2018 by Tomomi Katz after she realized that the takoyaki we have to offer here in Tucson was just not cutting it for her. Takoyaki itself are delicious and custardy fried balls that are often filled with green onion, pickled ginger, diced octopus, and scraps of tempura. The takoyaki are usually finished with takoyaki sauce (something quite similar to Worcestershire sauce) and mayonaise. The completed product is an absolute bomb of umami.