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Better Off Dead w/You Sly Dog


The 80's were simpler times for teen flicks. There existed only a few factions -- mainly those who were rich snobs, and those who were considered outcasts (punks, nerds, etc.). Better Off Dead is a prime example of this outcast vs. rich snob trope. The film features Lane (John Cusack), a teen troubled by his recent break-up Beth (Amanda Wyss) who then goes on to date snob. As the title implies, Lane does not want to live anymore, but eventually finds purpose through another woman he meets and the desire to beat Beth's new boyfriend in a ski race. Rad!

Anyhow, You Sly Dog will be out to serve up such great classics as the Chernobyl (hot link with ghost pepper sauce) and the New Yorker (dog topped with sauerkraut, onions, and mustard).